The Company

Ubi Apis Ibi Salus

Our company started up in May 2016 and derives from our passion for bees and agriculture. We are three partners and our differences are our strengths as well. Paolo Fontana, who has been a beekeeper for over 30 years, he’s a researcher at Fondazione Edmund Mach and a research entomologist in the apiarian sector; Damiano Fioretto, who, with a Forestry’s degree, is a novice beekeeper; the third partner, Piero Gavazzo, is a Canadair aerial firefighter who joined our team, fascinated by the wonderful world of bees. Our company headquarters is in Isola Vicentina, a small town to the north of Vicenza, where different environments unfold and interweave, with woods opening up to pastures and cultivated land, forming a varied landscape.

Our Logo and our name

One of the most beautiful images of all those depicting bee goddesses is the one reproduced on two small gold plated laminas, today preserved at the British Museum in London. They were discovered at Kameiros, on the Island of Rhodes and are from the Minoan Era, dating back to the 7th century B.C. The goddess’s arms are open wide so as to embrace the world. The image was seen as a depiction of the Pure Mother Goddess, or of the nymph Melissa or of Artemis. As it inspires strength, serenity, love and life, we chose it to be the logo of our apicultural business enterprise, which we have called Apiamoci.

“ The arms
of the goddess-bee
are open
like a hug
to the world ”

Why a top bar hive

By means of courses and consultancy we encourage the understanding and appreciation of the use of top bar hives which – in more general terms – means beekeeping based on natural honeycomb. Not providing pre-moulded wax foundation sheets, the bees build honeycomb using only pure beeswax they produce themselves. In this way, it is possible to avoid reusing the beeswax, the origin, composition and wholesomeness of which is often unknown; being lipid, it absorbs a multitude of pesticides. Besides, the bees have the possibility of building tiny little cells in the dimensions they prefer according to the season and needs, thereby improving the demographic management of the apiary

 As well, the bees use beeswax as a means of communication to transmit vibration; not using small frames with barbed wire as a support, communication inside the hives is optimised. The bees are thus much more docile and it becomes less burdensome to manage the colony, even if the amount of honey produced is lower. This provides an excellent solution for anyone whose curiosity towards this insect drives them to start off with some beehives in their own garden, fully respecting the bees’ needs and biology. 

BF Beekeeping Certification

We are working towards obtaining a new beekeeping certification, named Biodiversity Friend Beekeeping, in other words: Apiculture, friend of biodiversity. The protocol has been designed within the framework of the activities of the World Biodiversity Association onlus (WBA), of which Paolo Fontana is President, and was developed by a group of beekeepers and bee academics. The apiculture embraced takes into the utmost consideration the bees’ natural character, even as wild, indigenous creatures that consequently need to perfectly adapt to the environment they live in, one that allows them to carry out their ecological role on the land they are permanently based on.

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