Our Apiaries

In respect of bees, we choose not to chase florescence by moving our beehives from place to place. Our apiculture is therefore stationary, allowing our beehives to connect with the surrounding environment. In this way our wildflower honey is enhanced, as it becomes an extract of the essences of the places where we breed our bees, an image of those landscapes in the different seasons.

Pure honeycomb honey from Top Bar apiculture

This honey represents the philosophy of our company,our pot of gold. It is produced by bees managed in Top Bar hives, similar in shape to a hollowed out trunk where the bees build their own natural honeycomb from pure vergin wax. The honey which is cold pressed and not centrifuged by doing so this minimizes oxidizatation and a heating effect leaving intact all its extraordinary properties and taste.

Isola Vicentina

Several apiaries are spread across the hills and countryside surrounding Isola Vicentina, where the bees can find acacia, chestnut and many other nectariferous trees, as well as wild flowers.

Santa Caterina

Tretto di Schio is situated halfway up the slopes of Monte Novegno in the Vicentine Prealps, where an apiary is surrounded by linden and chestnut trees, as well as numerous wild flowers.

Cervarese Santa Croce

Along the narrow strip of the Po Valley Plain between the Berici and the Euganean Hills, our apiary is located on land belonging to a woman farmer and biodiversity enthusiast, surrounded by the natural essences of the Plain and nectariferous crops found throughout the different seasons, such as rapeseed, kale, sunflowers and buckwheat. 


A tiny, remote gem of a village in the Metalliferous Hills in the province of Grosseto, where our bees can roam freely amidst the chestnut trees.

Campo Ruffaldo

In the municipality of Massa Marittima (GR), facing the Montioni Natural Park. The reddish terrain of the Etruscan coastline is typified by a combination of the various flavours and scents of the Mediterranean scrub, its typical trees and plants brimming with potent essences, wild flowers and honeydew from the oak trees. 


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