Where there are bees, there is health

In just four words the Latin writer Plinio il Vecchio nailed such a perfect description of the world of bees that it has become our cosmetics’ motto.

The beneficial effects that are usually attributed to honey, propolis or royal jelly are common knowledge, but there are many possible use for beehive products. Honey is also great for healing scars, burns or ulcers, whereas bee stingis excellent for helping treat joints’ inflammation or neurological problems. In the last few years the Italian Association for Apitherapy (Associazione Italiana Apiterapia) has been working to raise awareness about the many other properties and uses of beehive products. Apitherapy doesn’t aim to be a form of alternative medicine, but rather a practice to be integrated with conventional medicine. Apitherapy is a medical concept based on a centuries-old tradition, which has been in use as a therapeutic practice for at least two millennia. The use of bee-derived products for therapeutic purposes does not disregard the absolute genuineness of such products, as the apiculture applied to make them uses natural honeycomb and is of low impact on the bees, which respects our philosophy and is further enhanced by the use of top bar hives. 

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