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Our company provides a bee colony managing service for other companies or for private individuals who are interested in keeping an apiary on their own land, with various aims in mind:

To increase pollination efficiency and obtain a consequently higher production of fruit trees. To provide an evaluation of environmental conditions, as the bees are bio-indicators of the quality of the environment they are found in. To take advantage of enjoying the products that come from an apiary on your own land.

We supply beehives and arrange visits to the apiary to check the bees’ development at regular intervals to be agreed on. We also carry out any interventions if and when required. We usually work with top bar hives but – upon request – we also work with traditional hives and fixed apiaries on an annual contract. We do not provide a transient pollination service as we are not in favour of constantly moving the bees. 

We also provide consultation for inexperienced beekeepers, both over the phone and at the apiary itself.

We mainly collaborate with wineries, such as:

Azienda Agricola Monte Zovo:
Ferrari F.lli Lunelli:
Azienda Agricola Corte Moranda:

Would you like to have bees on your company’s garden or at your house? Contact us…

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