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In respect of bees, we choose not to chase the florescence by moving our beehives from place to place. Our apiculture is therefore stationary, allowing our beehives to connect with the surrounding environment. In this way our wildflower honey is enhanced, as it becomes an extract of the essences of the places where we breed our bees, an image of those landscapes during the different seasons.


We produce Biodiversity

Our choice of stationary apiculture allows our bees to fully carry out their role as pollinators, maximising the biodiversity of the environment we work in. Our products thus become bearers of biodiversity. We wanted to give a mark to our varieties of honey based on the floristic wealth they are made of or rather on  how many different species of flowers the bees have visited in order to produce a specific type of honey. A score ranging from one to five florets distinguishes the products that have generated a lower or higher level of biodiversity.


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